Science of Happiness 

Happiness is generated internally through the balance of our physical, mental and spiritual bodies, which can be acquired through in lifestyles changes and new habits.

Basically consciously feeding you, practicing some physical activity constantly, managing our stress and creating new experiences such as courses, trips, meeting new people, etc.

Increasing Our Happiness

Health: Always in physical movement and consciously feeding

Connections: Maintain constant professional training and share knowledge. 

Use of time: Sleep well and spend more time with family and friends.

Habits: All habits are learned, but in the end are our options

My World: Happiness is generated within you

Satisfaction with life: Each situation has a way of seeing, be it waiting for something, this can be with frustration or hope, what do you choose?

Social activities: Participating in events or meetings outside the home greatly increases your happiness.

Life Condition: Let us consider that it is not only paying the bills, it is necessary save money to create an investment or  plan a trip.

 Environmental Awareness: Basically recycling, reusing, urban organic agriculture and use of clean energy.

Khuyaq Happiness Questionnaire